Claudio Zara

I am a Tenured Researcher and an Adjunct Professor in Financial Markets and Institutions. Member of the Managing Committee of the GREEN Research Centre at Università Bocconi and Bocconi Representative for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

I had taken a Master of Science in Business Administration from Bocconi University (1989) and I was a Visiting fellow first at the Research Bureau of the Warwick Business School, University of Warwick (1994), and after at the Department of Accounting and Finance of the National University of Singapore (1997). I attended the ITP - International Teachers Programme - at the London Business School (1996).

Researcher with Tenure
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Research interests

Sustainable Finance with a specific focus on Finance for the Green Business and the Circular Economy. Venture Capital, Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Finance. Corporate and Investment Banking. Financial analysis, corporate valuation and intangible assets valuation.

Selected Publications

Le problematiche finanziarie indotte dalla presenza delle aziende italiane nel Sud-est asiatico

Economia e Management, n. 4 (Luglio 1998), Etas Libri, Milano

I mercati del capitale di rischio per le piccole-medie imprese: analisi di alcune proposte

Economia e Management, n. 2 (Aprile 1994), Etas Libri, Milano

La strategia delle competenze chiave e la sua applicazione all'interno delle grandi aziende diversificate giapponesi

Economia e Management, n. 3 (Luglio 1992), Etas Libri, Milano

Un nuovo approccio metodologico per la raccolta di opinioni mediante questionario

Economia e Management, n. 14 (Maggio 1990), Mondadori, Milano

My teaching activity goes around the topics of my research interest.