Brunella Bruno

I am a researcher with tenure in Financial Markets and Institutions at Bocconi University Finance Department. I received the national scientific habilitation (ASN) award as full professor in Financial Markets, Financial Institutions and Corporate Finance (Sector 13/B4) in 2020. I am a member of the steering committee at Blest, the Bocconi Lab for European Studies, a research fellow of the Bocconi Baffi centre, and a fellow of IEP, the Bocconi Institute for European policymaking. I am also a member of the Expert Panel on banking supervision for the European Parliament since 2017.

I was an academic visitor at Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford and visiting professor at the Bangor Business School at Bangor University, UK.

I hold a PhD degree in Financial Markets and Institutions from Università degli Studi di Siena.



Researcher with Tenure

Upon request of the European Parliament, I have recently conducted an in-depth analysis (with T.Beck and E. Carletti) on the evolving key risks in the banking sector. The analysis is available here:…

I have also carried a study (with F. De Marco) on the effects of COVID-19-related policy measures on bank credit supply. The short version and the full study are  available at: 


Research interests

My main research interests are empirical banking and art investing. In banking, I am particularly interested in studying the effects of regulation and supervision on bank behavior and how banks cope with credit risk. My most recent research is on the effects of climate-related risks on bank credit allocation policies.  

Working papers
Bruno, Brunella; Marino, Immacolata
How do Banks Respond to Non Perfoming Loans?
CSEF Working Paper 513, July 2021
Selected Publications

I am course director and teacher of the graduate course of Comparative Financial System and the undergraduate courses of Management of Financial Institutions and Alternative Investments. The Alternative Investments course is one of the CIVICA Engage Track courses developed by the European Commission within the framework of the CIVICA alliance.