Silvio Petriconi

I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at Bocconi University with specializations in fintech, digital finance, and banking. My current research is focused on central bank digital currencies, decentralized finance, as well as on applications of machine learning in finance. I have presented my work at conferences such as AFA, EFA, and FIRS, and some of my work has recently been published in the Journal of Financial Economics.

I hold a Ph.D. in economics from Pompeu Fabra University, as well as M.Sc. degrees in economics and physics.

Assistant Professor
Research interests

My primary research interests include blockchain and decentralized finance, financial applications of machine learning, and financial intermediation theory.

Selected Publications

I have co-designed Bocconi’s data science and business analytics M.Sc. program, and have developed and taught an all-new Digital Finance course for that same program. In this course, I teach fintech, blockchain, and decentralized finance, which include applied Solidity smart contract coding. My teaching at Bocconi has won the Bocconi Teaching Award.

I also teach in the undergraduate program and in professional programs at the Bocconi SDA Business school.